Video tutorial: DIY marble eggs

I never been a big fan of decorating my home for the holidays. It’s not that I don’t like the holiday spirit, it’s just that I like things tidy and minimalistic, and having tiny easter bunnies og santas around kind of takes away from this idea.

But when I first saw a picture of a marble easter egg, I had to try it. After all, marble is still the most beautyful pattern of all. I got my fingers all covered with nail polish, I emptied two of my favorite bottles, and I ruined a bowl, but it turns out I’m a fan of holiday decorations after all. Who would have guessed.

Tools and materials

  • — Drained eggs
  • — 2 cm long sticks
  • — Thin tread
  • — Beads (optional)
  • — A bowl of water
  • — 2 or more shades of nailpolish
  • — A stick for stirring


1 – Add a few drops of each color of the nail polish to the water and stir gentle to blend the colors

2 – Dip the egg into the blend with a rolling motion. Makes sure the entire egg is covered

3 — Remove the nailpolish between each egg by using a coffe filter or a tissue

4 – Leave the eggs to dry on a tissue

5 – Make a loop of the thread and attach it to the short sticks

6 – Thread the beads, and attach it to the egg by pushing the stick inside the egg

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