DIY baby mobile with clouds and golden raindrops

I came across some beautiful cloud shapes baby mobiles from Kongel Sløjd, and wanted to see if I could make my own version for my sisters baby girl. After all, she will be born in the rainiest cities in Norway, so some sweet little raindrops hanging over her bed is just appropriate.

Keep reading for the tutorial and download free pattern here L

Tools and materials

  • — A sewing machine
  • — A needle (not too sharp)
  • — Pins
  • — Sciccors
  • — Transparent twine
  • — A large metal ring
  • — A small metal ring
  • — Droplet shaped beadings
  • — Felt in different colors
  • — Matching thread
  • — Wadding


I’ve made mine out of four clouds in three different colors, but you can make it with as many or few clouds and colors as you like. My take on the baby mobile might not be the all that stimulation for the baby, so I’ll maybe make a more colorful version later. A tip is to make a prototype out of paper to determine the number of clouds and the distance between them.

1 – Cut out the clouds from the felt. Two pieces of fabric makes one cloud

2 – Pin two pieces of fabric together and stitch as neatly as you can 3-5 mm from the raw edge. Leave a gap between the two squares in the pattern to stuff the cloud with wadding

3 – Thread transparent twine on a needle. Insert the needle into the seam between the two pieces of fabric where the raindrop leftmost will hang (1). Leave about 10 cm of twine on the outside of the cloud, and fasten by sewing along the seam a few times.

Slip the thread into the cloud again, and out where the raindrop rightmost will hang (3). Fasten the thread in the same way as for the leftmost raindrop, and leave about 10 cm of twine on the outside of the cloud. Use the same method to attach the twine for the raindrop in the middle (3), and the twine going between the cloud and the big metal ring (4). Leave about 50 cm of twine on the top of the cloud

4 – Fill the clouds with wadding. Give them a good squeeze to make sure all parts of it is equally stuffed

5 – Close the gap you left in step 2 by stitching in the same manner as you did with the rest of the cloud. A tip is to push the wadding away from where you will stitch, and then push it back again when you’re finished sewing

6 – Determine the distance between the clouds and the raindrops. Mine is 3 cm. Attach the raindrops to the twine and secure it with several knots. Make it the best knot you have ever made to be sure there is no way the raindrop will loosen and potentially hurt the baby. Repeat until all four clouds have three raindrops each

7 – Determine the distance between clouds and the large metal ring. Mine is 19 cm. Fasten the clouds to the ring with several knots. Don’t cut the remaining twine. Do the same with the rest of the clouds and make sure the distance between the clouds and the large metal ring is the same for all four clouds (unless you want them to have different height)

8 – Lift up the mobile and make sure it hangs parallel to the floor. Make a knot including all four of the twines about 15-20 cm from the large metal ring. Make sure all of the twines have the same length. Tie this carefully to the small metal ring, and you are all done!

Please remember to hang the baby mobile high enough so the baby can’t reach it, and that it’s securely fasten so that it can’t fall down on the baby.

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