Waisted wool coat with yokes

Based on the draped trench coat with yokes, I have drafted a more fitted version for the winter. I ordered some deep orange wool fabric online, but didn’t have any patience to wait for it’s arrival. So I decided to make a test version of some old wool fabric I had laying around thinking it was better to use is for learning purposes than to not use it at all.

I was almost finished with the test when my order arrived. Unfortunately the fabric didn’t match my expectations at all. Both the colour and the texture was way off.

Note to self
Don’t order expensive fabric based on a tiny picture online!

So I decided to make the best of the coat I had already started, and try to make it look like a finished garment instead of the test it was meant to be. Ok, so the waistline is a little on the long side in the back, and I had a lot of issues in the collar, but all in all I’m pretty pleased with the result, and I’ve even used it on several occasions already. I guess sometimes impatience pays off.

Fabric from Stoff og stil (Fabric and style) I

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