Double breasted wool coat

Taking what i learned from making the waisted wool coat with yokes, I wanted to make a second coat for the winter. This was a shorter, double breasted version with single welt pockets. Now I really should take what I learned from this and make a third version, but I think I give coat making a break for now, and move on to making myself a dress for the holiday.

I had so much fun working on this coat, and I really did benefit from the experience with the waisted wool coat I’ve just finished. Don’t get me wrong, I still had my shares of struggles with this one too, but that’s a necessary part of learning to sew I guess.

As you know, I always aim to learn a new technique for every garment I make, and for this it was the single welt pocket. Usually I turn to Youtube or Google to find instructions, but this time I decided to figure it out myself for some reason. I don’t know if I did it the right way, but it turned out just like I wanted to, so it really doesn’t matter. I’ll share what I learned with you later.

The next technique I need to learn is how to get the went right with the lining. I just can’t seem to get that right. Also I need to get better at making button holes.

Note to self
Don’t buy the pricy lining. It turned out it was harder to work on than the cheaper one, and it didn’t look or felt any better.

On another note, I’ve just started exploring my Sure-fit design Dress kit. If I’m able to get the sloper to fit as well as I hope, there is just so many things I want to sew! I’ll be sharing my experience with the Sure-fit Design when I’ve gotten some more feeling of it.

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