Note to self no. 05: If you are absolutely set on making yourself a new dress for Christmas, you might want to start a wee bit earlier than 3 days before the big day.

I tend to do this; some event are coming up and I have this wage idea that I might make a dress for it. But I never get around to actually start before a few days prior to the event. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stayed up the day before a wedding or a party with a half finished dress in my lap, and pure panic in my eyes. And I never learn!

So on last Saturday (I gave you my heart), I finally started working on my Christmas dress, and I’ve been sewing on it every available hour since. I went for a lose fit on for the bodice with kimono sleeves and open back, and a simple pencil skirt to balance it out. Now it’s aaalmost finished, but I think I might want to make the skirt a tight more fitted. Or maybe I should leave it as it is so that I have room for alle the Christmas indulgence?

I have documented the process (just to ad a bit more stress to the project), and digitalised the pattern, so if the dress survives the holidays, there will be pictures and tutorials on the blog when I return from my trip home to my parents.


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