DIY simple bead and chain necklace

Some nights when my mind is too busy organizing my to-do lists and I struggle to fall asleep, I find myself browsing through Etsy. It’ might not the best way to fall asleep, but it sure is fun when the package arrives. The other day I got a box filled with beads, chains and lace, and the first thing I made was this DIY simple bead and chain necklace. Below is a tutorial on how I made it.


For this necklace I’ve use three drop shaped beads, but you can of course use different kinds and numbers of beads. Just remember that odd numbers tend to look better as the center bead will create a nice focus point on your chest.

1 — Thread the beads on the eye pin.

2 — Make a 90 degree bend just past the last bead using the pliers. Thread  the end of one of your chain pieces on the eye pin, then make a loop where you created the 90 degree bend. Cut the excess wire using your cutters.

3 — Open the original loop on the eye pin just enough for you to thread the end of the other pieces of chain. Close the loop afterwards.

4 — Open one of the two jump rings and attach the end of one of the chain. Do the same for the other jump rings, but here you will also attach the spring round clap.

There you have it! Your necklace is all done. I hope you like it.