Note to self no. 06: Before you go trough the trouble of drafting a pattern, make sure you actually have enough fabric.

Normally I buy way too much fabric to make a garment. I mean—what if I mess up and have need a do-over and don’t have enough fabric? Actually I have so much left over fabric because of this, I think I could start a shop.

But right now I have the opposite problem. I came across this amazing deep orange wool fabric, but for some reason I waited too long to buy it, and by then there was only shy of 1,5 meter left. I figured it would be enough for a jacket i was planning, but there was absolutely no room for error—and I need room for error…

So now my jacket is just about done, but I have some issues with the collar (as always). I would love to have some fabric laying around to make another version of the collar. But I guess that’s the thing with home made garments; they tend to get a little bit unperfect, and to me that’s more than ok.


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