DIY simple V-shaped necklace

Remember the simple bead and chain necklace I made a while back? Well, here is a follow up. I bought the triangle from MarvelousStuff on Etsy, but you can also make one by using an eye pin, and bending it into a V. It takes about five minutes to put together. Keep reading for the tutorial.

Tools and materials



First you need to determine where on your neck/chest you want the v-shape to be, and then cut the two pieces of chain equally according to this length.

1 — Open the loop on one side of the triangle just enough for you to thread  the end of one of your chain pieces. Close the loop, and repeat one the other side of the triangle with the second piece of chain.

2 — Open one of the two jump rings and thread the spring round clap. Also thread the opposite side of the one of the chains you just connected to the triangle. Then close the ring.

3 — Last step is simply repeat step 2 on the opposite piece of chain, leaving out the part with the spring round clap. Then your necklace is complete!


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