Belted wool coat with notched collar

I love working with thick fabric, which is probably why coats are my favorite thing to sew. Last year I made three different styles in bright colors, so this year it was all about a classic, beige wool fabric. The pattern of The Double breasted wool coat was the inspiration for this longer, slightly less fitted version with notched collar.

A couple of weeks ago two sewing enthusiasts invited several others to bring their own projects for a weekend of sew-along. That’s where I did most of the job. It was pure joy to spend an entire weekend in front of my sewing machine surrounded by people who share the same hobby. I learnt so much—specially from my desk partner Solvår. She helped me get the sleeves just right, and for the first time ever I now have a self made garment with sleeves I’m actually pleased with. Now I think I look a bit cocky while sporting it. I guess sleeves that fits can do that to a person.



Wool fabric, 3 meters
Rainbow tekstiler

Lining, 2,5 meters
Rainbow tektiler


Note to self
Make the pockets deeper!

The last time I posted a fashion project, I was working on a blouse based on the Sure Fit Designs dress kit. It’s a great kit, but I can’t seem to get the fit any better than 90 % right. I am totally stuck with the last 10 %. Does anyone else have that problem? I really should get over myself, because it keeps me from completing a lot of half finished projects I have laying around. Maybe a new year resolution is in order. But using the Surfe-fit Design have really helped me to understand fit and solving issues so much better!


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