All you need is love and laqcuer

It’s been years since I inherited this beautiful lamp from my grandpa, but it’s been gathering dust in our shed ever since. That’s just no way to treat a classic, so as I painted the bedroom walls this summer, grandpa’s old work lamp got a bit of a makeover too.

The lamp was covered with all kinds of  paint marks and dints, but a little bit of sanding and a coat of lacquer took care of that. The wire needed to be replaced, but I left that part to a professional.

I’m also really happy with how the new color in the bedroom turned out. Originally the walls were black, so we where used to having it dark. But the room totally changed character when the doors, wardrobe and skirting where painted in the same color as the walls.

Wall color
Lady Pure color 5502 Y

Note to self
Spending your summer vacation painting your apartment seem like a great plan, but you might want to do some relaxing too.