A little kitchen makeover

Today I had the pleasure of meeting interior styilst Maria Hove Vestre and photographer Anne Bråtveit. They where here to take pictures of our apartment, and left me feeling high on interior inspiration. Although my styling and photo skills can’t measure up their’s, I felt like sharing some of my own photos now that that the final details of our kitchen are in place.

The original kitchen had glossy white panels, a thick laminate countertop and a lot of steel details. There was really nothing wrong with it, so there was no reason to replace all of it. And since we’re in the process of building a house, we wanted to keep the cost to a minimum. So we focused on doing several small changes that would add up to a big difference.

This is what we did
— Plastered and painted the wall in NCS S 7002B. Done by Tibor Kiss
— Spray painted the cabinets in NSC S 8002B. Done my Molec AS
— Replaced the counter top, HTH
— Replaced the kitchen tap, Franke/HTH
— Replaced the sink, HTH
— Replaced the handels, Borghamn, Ikea
— Spray painted the light switches, sockets, fan and visible wires

For reference, here is a picture of how the kitchen looked like before the makeover.


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