Our living room

I’ve shared pictures of our kitchen makeover already, and it’s about time to show you the rest of the living room and dining area—being it’s all the same room. After all, it will probably look a lot different here when the little one arrives in a few months.

Prior to refurbishing our kitchen, we painted one of the living room walls, as well as the corresponding wall in the downstairs hallway. We thought that was a nice way to connect the two floors as this wall also is visible in the staircase.

The color might be a bit on the dark side since there’s only natural light from one side of the room. But as you know, we do love dark interiors, so we chose a dark grey with a hint of blue for this wall—and of course the same color on the connecting kitchen wall.

The two remaining walls are white, with a weird half-brick/half-something else texture. I can’t say I like them too much. I think it would be better if they had more of a concrete look to them to give a more honest and deliberate feeling to it, but I can live with it—for now.

The floors were originally parquet with a non-flattering yellow hue. Painting them in a neutral light grey color was the first thing we did after we moved in, and it really helped to calm and brighten the room.

By the way, how cool is the graphic pillow from Patch? Just the right amount of weird for my taste.

The opposite side of the room is brighter, but with a black dining table that works well with the dark kitchen. I love how the Bubble Saucer lamp compliments the shape of the Gubi dining table, and I like the contrast between the steel modern dining chairs, and the classic organic Thonet chairs.

To be honest, I never though I’d be an owner of a Thonet chair. I’ve always thought they where too county for my taste, but now I’m officially a fan. I think they work so well with the dining table, and the dark kitchen, and the old wood bring a much needed warmth to the room. These are secondhand from Gathering objects and Inventarium in Oslo.

The over all style of our living room changed ever so slightly after we painted it dark. We went from a bright minimalistic Scandinavian look, to a more—I don’t know—industrial look? Some of it was a bit out of my comfort zone at first, but now it feels absolute right. I think it’s smart to experiment with the interior prior to building our house, so that we are more confident with the choices we make.

By the way, you might notice that’s there quite av few horse objects and pictures in our living room. Since the apartment used to be a stable, that’s only appropriate, right? And as an added bonus horses are the most magnificent creatures (speaking on behalf of my inner 12 year old horse lover and ponni owner).