Maternity (friendly) culottes

Admittedly these are not the most well-fitted pair of pants I’ll ever make (hopefully). But now that my body changes on a weekly basis, comfort trumps prefect fit. And boy are these comfortable! As an added bonus, they were really really simple to make too.

I’ve grown out of my regular pants long time ago, and now elastics waist are my friend. I based the pattern for these ones on a pair of trousers from Cos. Originally they where wider and a couple of centimeters longer, but I chickened out on the width. Feeling slightly regretful now, because the with cover up the poor fit in the crouch area. But as I said; comfort was my main goal when making them, and comfort I got!

Note to self
Add a few extra centimeters on the elastics in the waist so that it will last an extra trimester.