Our pre-baby bedroom

In only a few short months our bedroom will look slightly different. Not a makeover this time, but we’ll be replacing my work desk with a crib for the little one. This is how it looks like while there’s only two adults (and a dog) living there.


The bedroom also got a bit of a touch up when we painted the living room and the kitchen. Mainly the outer walls got isolated to help keep the bedroom warm when the temperature drop outside. Next they were painted in the same color as the rest of the room, and we hung velour-like curtains. They’re so darn pretty!

As you probably have noticed, I’m a huge fan of painting the doors, wardrobe and skirting in the same color as the walls. Before the makeover we had two black walls, and two white ones, and the wardrobe and doors where also white. That was just too much contrast for my taste, and the room felt a bit zebra-ish.

We intended to put up some shelves over the desk, but since it will be replaced with a crib (!) in a few months, we decided to wait until then to see what will work best. I do love my little sewing space, but I can’t wait to start nesting with all the baby stuff! Already (or maybe we’re even late?) next weekend we will go shopping for baby gear as it takes time to have it delivered. So grown up!

Note to self
I’ll be in trouble the day I stop preferring dark interior …


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