Maternity knot top

Question: How to turn a basic bodice sloper into a knot top without any sewing instructions. Answer: Try a random approach, fail, think about a new solution all night, repeat. I finally figured it out though, and the result was this maternity top with a knot detail to emphasize my big, baby belly.

I have been scratching my head so much to get this knot detail right. I found instructions on how to draft the pattern piece in the amazing book Pattern Magic, but there was no instructions on how to sew it. Let’s just say I’ve made a whole lot of muslins to find the right approach.

In retrospect I probably should have chose a more form fitting cut in the back to further emphasize the belly. Maybe even make it in a stretch fabric? I think I also would like to make one for when my baby bump is gone, only with the knot located in my waist area.

Stoff & stil (Fabric & style)

A bodice sloper drafted with the help of Sure fit Designs, and made into knot detail by using instructions from the book Pattern Magic. 

Note to self
Never ever wear red lipstick with a white blouse. It’s hard enough to keep it clean without the added challenge of not smudging makeup all over it while taking it off.  And also: Man, I’m getting big!