Maternity lace dress with frills

I had this idea that I would make an edgy frill summer dress, but now I’m not so sure lace and frills are the best fit for my ever growing bump. I don’t get the ‘bohemian pregnant chick’ vibe I was looking for, but rather ‘large pregnant lady wearing a lace curtain’. Oh well. I’m happy with the fit, and feel confident I can wear it with my head held high both with and without the bump.

Working with lace was a new experience for me. I found it both frustrating and forgiving to handle. Frustrating because it was hard being accurate — especially the buttonholes were a struggle. Forgiving because the lace neatly hides any imperfections in the seams.

For some reason the dresses I make always seem to get a tad bit more preppy than intended. Usually my plan is to make something to wear for work or a casual dinner out, but somewhere along the way it end up looking slightly too dressed up. Or maybe I just need to jazz up my style?

I have so much more maternity clothes I would like to sew, but I better start making clothes for our little baby boy. It’s only 10 more weeks until he’s due! First up will be an overall in a lovely jade corduroy fabric.


Lace with flowers in aqua blue from Stoff & stil

Self drafted based on the Maternity shirt dress

Antique blue from Stoff & stil

Note to self
Lace fabric with a lot of see trough patches drags a bit, so you might have to do some adjustments to your pattern to compensate. Also I can’t believe how much my face have changed during this pregnancy!


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