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A house in the making: Choosing materials — Note to self
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A house in the making: Choosing materials for the ground floor

We’re finally one step closer to getting our house build now that the municipality of Nesodden have approved the application. Read more about the start of the project here. 

We are now at the stage were we need to decide on the materials, find the right people to build the house, and finalize all of the details on the drawings. Our architects EkbergLous is doing a great job with this! We hope to get this done before the sommer vacation start, so that we are ready to start building sometime in September/October. It will probably be hectic to start building a house with a newborn, but I think it will be very interesting and fun too, and we are really eager to get started.

We’ve been collecting inspiration on both exterior, interior and garden ever since we first started considered building a house. By now we have quite the collection, but it really helped us pinpointing what look and feel we wanted for the house. Pinterest is our friend!

We will be focusing on authentic tactile materials like wood, concrete and black steel, contrasted by softer materials like fabric for smaller details. We think the combination of warm wood and hard concrete and steel will look so well inside det dark timber exterior.

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Exposed concrete
The ground floor will consist of the main entrance, hallway with a wardrobe, bathroom, laundry room, bedrom, guestroom/office and a stairway to the first floor.

The exterior of the ground floor will (probably) be in exposed concrete, and we will bring this into the interior as well. This includes the outer walls and maybe some of the walls in the bathroom. There will also be a concrete floor with heating in the entire ground floor.

Adding warmth through wood
In contrast to the hard concrete and plaster, there will ba an entire wall in warm oak towards the bathroom, laundry room and bedroom in the hallway. This wall may also have a section of tinted mirror as wardrobe doors. The stair will have oak steps leading up to the first floor where there will be even more oak, and maybe sisal carpet on the floor.

The stairs
The opposite wall on the right hand side of the stairway will consist of hidden storage underneath the stairs. This wall will probably be covered by dark stained plywood, and have black steel balusters from the steps of the stair to the ceiling for a transparent feeling.

A welcoming entrance
The front door will be placed between two floor-to-ceiling windows, so we want this to be in a warm red-ish wood to balance out both the glass and the concrete, as well as the dark wood of the exterior.

Personal touches
Looking at the palette it might seem a bit on the hard side. Of course we will bring in textiles, heaps of plants, and other objects to make it more homely and personal. For instance there is a concrete bench to the right of the entrance that I think would look great with a custom made wool or leather cushion. And large green plants will bring life to the hallway next to the glass and the oak. I can’t wait to get started on decorating the house!


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