Now that Gustav is here I can finally try on some of the clothes I’ve made for him. He still have som growing to do to fit the shirt with raglan sleeves and cord velvet overall, but this linen overall fits just fine now thats Gustav is six weeks old. It has a slightly different design than the first one I made. The boy needs choices, right?

I’ll be sharing the pattern and tutorial pretty soon.

Poor Gustav is being dressed  up in his mom’s creation, placed on the floor and told to smile to the camera—and that without even knowing the different between a real smile and a passing-gas-smile. It’s just so much fun that the clothes I made while he lived in my belly actually fits, so surely it deserves a photo shoot. Besides, our little baby grows so fast that it won’t be long util it’s too small. Before I know it he will be in high school and probably not keen on wearing his moms home sewn overalls.

I have been a bit conflicted on whether or not I should post pictures of Gustav on my blog and social media. After all, the main person himself isn’t able share his opinion on the matter, unless squirming, pouting and cooing is baby talk for “I accept being posted on Instagram”.

The main reason not to post is the lack of control I have on my pictures once they are published on different platforms. I must admit the reason I decided to share pictures of Gustav was based on feelings more than reason. He’s just so darn cute I can’t keep myself from sharing him with the world. I hope he approves.


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