I’m not the most faithful person when it comes to interior. I quickly fall in love with a style or an item, but just as quickly get sick of it. Admittedly it’s not a very eco-friendly habit. Nor is it great for my economy. This weekend I got this idea that we had too much stuff in our living room, so I introduced a couple of items to our storage space. A throw that was made up of equal parts wool and dog hair was replaced with this yellow one I bought as I sought shelter at Kollekted By during a rain shower (note to self: Never go out for a stroll without a rain cover to the trolley). I give it two weeks until Ipa have covered it with fur.

The green carpet we had under the caffe table also had to go. It might not be the right season for carpet free floors, but it just felt so nice to let the grey floors light up the room a bit. Also I’ve developed a lower patience towards doghair after Gustav arrived, and the carpet had it’s fair share of those.

Actually, when we first got Ipa we were determent to keep the sofa and the bed as dog-free areas. That lastet for about three hours. It’s just too cosy to have a snoring dog snuggled up next to you in the sofa. Now a days Ipa doubles as a nursing pillow (or rather a bottle feeding pillow) as she prefers to lay between my legs with Gustav on top of her during feeding time. It doesn’t get much more cosy than that!


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