Christmas wrapping and Christmas greatings

I have to confess: I’m terrible when it comes to buying gifts. The great ideas are hard to find, and I always start a little too late. The wrapping, on the other hand, is so much fun! When Christmas is right around the corner I’ve made a tradition for myself to light up candles, put on carols, fill up on treats, and have a little Christmas wrapping session. This year I stepped a little out of the comfort zone, and chose a lovely pattern on the wrapping, courtesy of this lovely book from Ferm Living.

This Christmas we’ve tried to limit ourselves when it comes to buying and receiving gifts. Of course we are very grateful for everything we get, but there really isn’t anything we need. Actually there won’t be any gifts for Gustav from us under the three at all. He doesn’t understand Christmas yet, and are more than happy with lots og love, cuddles, and a little toy to play with. We really appreciate everyone else’s effort on buying gifts of course, and we will get him presents when he gets older. By then us grown ups will have to do without, and rather focus on what we like the best about Christmas; family time, peace and quiet.

This Christmas will be the very first time I celebrate with my own little family. I’m so exited! Everyone except Ipa is flying home to my parents place to celebrate Christmas with my family. Ipa is spending the holiday with two dear neighbors in Sweden to avoid the flight. She is so scared of being in a cage, poor thing. A few days in rural surroundings with dog lovers will do her god.

This is also the very first year we’ve sent out Christmas cards. So grown up! Gustavs was asked to pose for the camera with a tiny red stocking cap his grandmother made him. Just look how darn cute; four months old, and already doing the “pretend to not see the camera” like a pro. You can’t help but being impressed.

Now all that’s remain is to wish you all a merry Christmas. I hope you’ll have a relaxing and joyful holiday, and that we’ll meet again in 2018. Then I’ll be starting a collaboration with the Danish furniture and interior company Woud. So exciting! And who knows, maybe we finally get started with the of our house?


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