Dark and delicious velour

We’ve gotten a head start on the furniture shopping for the house, and that before we’ve even started building it. First up is this dark and delicious velour (-like) dream coutch, and a small table from Mater. In just a few weeks the Bollo chair and a slightly larger lounge table will join our living room as well. The question is how to make room for it all.

Sure, velour might not be the smartest fabric on a couch where both a dog and a baby will be partying. The fabric is more or less like velcro towards Ipa’s fur, and it will look interesting when decorated with handprints from porridge covered toddler hands <3. But then again, a couch is for the whole family to use, so a little fur and spill is absolutely fine. Actually it seems like Ipa’s not that keen on making the couch into her own lounge heaven, so it’s somwhat fur-free for now. Gustav’s playmat on the other hand…

When we get the house ready, the couch will be in the living room with the fireplace. The other living room will have a more toddler friendly fabric like wool. This will probably be the room we’ll spend the most time in, and definitely the place to be for crawling up with a large bowl of pop-corn. Oh, I can’t wait!

Gustav is growing by the second, and it won’t be long until he’ll start exploring his balance on tiny toddler feets. When that time comes, it’s good to have a smooth corners to grab on to, not the sharp ones on the Hay-table we had until recently. Therefore we chose two round tables for the job. My god, I can’t believe Little G is already five moths old! I’m starting to understand what the old ladies at the local grocery shop where talking about when they told me to cherish the baby stage, because they grow up so fast. It’s like he’s one week older every time I blink, so I better stop doing that if I want him to be a little baby for a little longer.

Note to self
Next time, make sure you have sold the old couch before you bring in a new one. It can become very crowded with two couches in a small apartment.


  1. Hi there- I'd really love to know which gray wallpaint you've used here? It's simply beautiful!

    July 8, 2020, 2:18 pm
    By: Annalee

    1. Hi! It dosn´t have a name, but the code is NSC S 7002 B :)

      August 25, 2020, 8:24 pm
      By: ninahso I Link



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