DIY bear shaped baby mobile for the crib

This is the second baby mobile I’ve made for Gustav. The first one was ready while the little on was still in my belly, and it hangs over the crib in our bedroom. He’s been enjoin it every morning when he wakes up all pumped up and ready to start the day, while his mom need a few more minutes to get her body moving.

Of course the rattan crib in our living room also needed a baby mobile, so I made this bear shaped one in paper.

The mobile was made an evening Gustav decided to go to bed a little earlier than usual. I already had paper and other supplies prepared.

I wanted to create a three dimensional design, and tried out all kinds of shapes and forms. After a lot of prototyping, I came up with this bear design consisting of one single piece of paper folded and glued together. Of course I’ve documented the process, so template and tutorial on how to make it will be up soon.

Since it’s made of paper, it’s a “look, but not touch” kind of mobile. That’s probably pretty frustrating for a five month old kiddo who’s keen on grabbing, punching, and eating everything he sees. But for now he seems happy just gazing on the shapes floating over his head as he fall a sleep in his crib.

I feel like telling you that there’s more colors in Gustavs life than dusty greens, all though there might be more of those than others. But the brightest hues get stored away when the camera comes out. The life with a blogger mom us a rough one <3.


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