The Woud Come Here side table doubling as bedside table

The table is sponsored by Woud. Many thanks!

Du kan også lese dette innlegget på norsk her. 

We’re in the process of redecorating the living room (again). This time it’s the two white brick walls that’s being upgraded. They will be covered with plaster and painted in a beautiful greige color.

While the 2nd floor is a work in progress, we needed to evacuate both ourselves, and our furniture. That also applies to this neat Come Here side table from Woud. In the living room it functioned as both side table and coffee table, but relocated to the bedroom it got to play the part as a bedside table. I wonder if it should become a regular.

The table is on of two favorite objects I got to pick from the collection of the Danish interior and furniture brand Woud. There was a lot of beauties on the menu, but with a soft spot towards dark wood, this table had to become mine. It has the perfect shade of smoked oak! I also have the Racket Tray and the Stedge Shelf  in the same finish. All though I have yet to find the perfect spot for the shelf, the tray is in use almost daily. I actually used it to serve my scones in this post. Maybe the shelf should be mounted over the couch once we’re finished redecorating our walls?


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