Oh, how I love our new plastered walls

It has finally happened! The white, shiny, and bulky wall has been covered by several layers of beautiful plaster. Now the feel warm, almost velvety, and I’m so happy with how they turned out!

I’ve never done a great job hiding my true feelings towards the original walls. They just never worked for me. I don’t mind them being in brick, not even when painted, but they lost all charm when the contractor who turned the stable into an apartment. Some places it looks like someone have thrown a bucket of plaster into the wall, and painted over it with a thick, glossy paint. Not cool

Actually we planned not to do anything with these walls at all. After all, we are in the process of building our house. But earlier this year I made a deal with the devil (aka my dear boyfriend): If I were allowed to fix the walls, he could have a TV in the living room. Only two days later the TV arrived in all it’s dominant glory, so I was in a hurry to find a good craftsman.

Tibor Kiss got the job—again. We knew our wall were in good hands as Tibor was the man behind fixing the wall behind the kitchen and in our bedroom.

Originally we planned to even out the walls entirely and paint them with mineral paint. Tibor suggested plaster instead, and see if we wanted to add mineral paint to change the color afterwards. I’m so happy we listened to his advice, because the plastering gave just the right, tactile texture the apartment needed. And the color was perfect too, so there was no need to paint it. I’m so exited with the result that I rush up the stairs in the morning eager to see how beautiful the living room is with the new walls.

And now we’re on a roll; since the walls looks so good, we’ve decided to finally do something with the floors as well. When we moved in there was a yellow-ish oak parquet floor which we painted in a bright gray color. Now the painting is affected by rough use from both two legged and four legged habitats, and there is a creaking we would like to fix before we sell.

All this will happen next week, as my <3’s parents will be here to help us.


And while our stable is getting a little makeover, it looks like something is on the move on the property. It’s been a year since we got our application for the house approved, but since then it feels like nothing has happened—even though we have constant meetings with both entrepreneur and architects. Because there too many unknown factors, like the ground underneath the old shed, it’s difficult to price the groundwork. Therefore we’ve now decided to tear it down, and clear the land for all loos materials where the house will be placed. From there we can move forward to find out how the foundation for the house should be. Maybe we should bring out the bubbles to celebrate when we break ground?


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