A fluffy livingroom situation

Our living room has gone through quite a journey the last couple of years. Several colors have been tested on the walls, the kitchen have been spray painted, the brick walls has been beautifully plastered, and lastly it new oak floor. To compliment the dark walls, the plaster and the oak, I thought a really fluffy carpet like this 70’s-ish one from Layered would be just right.

There was two main reasons to buy a carpet.First: Mini have started climbing, but finds it totally unnecessary to hold on tight when he’s stands up. Now theres a nice fluffy carpet so ease the fall when our hovering skills fails. Second: Having both living and dining area on an 30 square meter surface, a carpet helps separate the two zones, and makes it look more tidy.

Ok, so maybe I have to vacuum three times a day the next 4–6 six weeks to prevent the apartment looking like a sheep cutting factory, but it’ll be totally worth it.


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