Three dreamy kitchens and an island

Since our house will be a modern interpretation of a traditional gable roofed building, we are looking for a kitchen with some of the same qualities. These three definitely have that, and are therefore on the top of our wish list.

Rustic minimalism from Nordiska kök

I’ve been a fan of the kitchen from Nordiska Kök for some time now, and this particular one has just about everything we’re looking for. The combination of materials is so elegantly done, and I find the balance between the rustic lines and the minimalistic design absolutely stunning. Actually we’ve briefed the guy who’s drawing our house in 3D to use a similar kitchen to this as inspiration. We’ve thought about having a black or dark brown fronts and panels, but after seing this in warm oak, I might change my mind. Good thing we don’t have to decide just yet.

Photo by Osman Tahir, styling by Sundling Kickén.

Smart and sustainable from Ask og Eng

Another dreamy kitchen is one of these in bambus from Ask og Eng. The minimalistic and elegant design is lovely, and it’s a major plus that it’s both made of and produced in a sustainable manner.

Similar to the kitchen from Nordiska Kök, Ask og Eng also have a model where the front of the drawers and cabinets har pushed back from the frame. So simple, but yet so stunning and to the pint.

Ask og Eng delivers both tailor made kitchen, as well as fronts and panels to Ikea kitchens. It’s good to know we have options that allows different budgets when it’s time to buy kitchen.

Photo from Ask og Eng

Industrial warmth from Frama

Last, but not least, this jewelry of a kitchen from Frama. It is made up by free standing modules which you can combine as you please. Each module is built upon a powder coated metal grid, with beautiful wood fronts and panels. That is pretty much as pretty it gets!

That being said, I think a Frama kitchen is way over our budget, but who knows, maybe we’ll be the firs house builders saying “oh my, it looks like the house won’t be as expensive as we thought. Let’s  by a high end kitchen!”.  One can always hope.

Photo from Frama.

A dreamy stone island designed by Norm Architects

And then there’s this kitchen island; have you ever seen such a beauty? I have to admit, I havn’t always been such a fan of stone in the interior, but now I just can’t get enough. I find the combination of stone and warm wood absolutely gorgeous, and is a must have in our house. We’ve been thinking about adding jura marble in the down stair bathroom, but seing this island I’m convinced we need a bit of minerals in the kitchen as well.

A kitchen island would be great to have, but we havn’t been able to draft it without compromising the feng shui in the room. We’ll see what we can do.

Pictures from Norm Architects


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