New colors on our bedroom walls

Thank you to Kollekted by for lending me the Nikari Stool, and to Houz for letting me borrow the Kristina Khrog print.

Du kan også lese dette innlegget på norsk. 

Yup, I’ve been out with my paintbrush again, and our bedroom walls was the target. I did love our old wall color as well, but we had quite a few spots that needed fixing up due to different sheen in the paint. Little did I knew that Jotun had changed the formula in the Pure color paint. So I could either paint with the same color we had, or use the opportunity to try on a brighter and warmer hue. Being that we where to have stylist and photographer to shoot our apartment two times in one week, it wasn’t much of a question. Of course I didn’t decide on the color until two days prior to the first shoot, so it was a bit of a speedy paint job.

Remember last year when interior stylist Maria Hove Vestre from Made by Veda and photographer Anne Bråtveit were here to shoot a story for Bonytt? Well, last week they came back to work their magic, and this time they also included the back yard. The very next day stylist Live from OsloDeco and photographer Birgit Fauske visited to do a story for an online magazine.

It’s so much fun to se how other people interprets our apartment, and I’m excited to see the pictures. You are all welcome back anytime!

Back to the bedroom; the new color is called Granskygge 1288 from Jotun Lady. It’s described as a pale greenish color, even though there is no green in it at all (only a tiny amount of red and yellow along with black and white). I painted the skirting, the doors and the wardrobe doors in the same color as I’m still a huge fan of that look. I also replace the velour curtains with a more summery fabric in the same color range as the walls. It totally transformed the room, and I’m so happy with the end result!

And I have to say a few words about the nightstand, which actually is a stool from the Finish brand Nikari, found at Kollekted by in Oslo. I’m totally smitten! It’s a bit pricy for such a simple piece of furniture, but it’s the natural simplicity I love about it. There was no way around it; our stool will be delivered in 10 weeks or so. Kollekted by was kind enough to let me borrow their  for a few days.

Note to self: If you’re set on painting the bedroom prior to a photoshoot, make sure you have more than two days to do it, or at least a babysitter.


  1. I love your house! Could you let me know where you got that wall lamp and the shelves from please?

    October 23, 2018, 11:53 pm
    By: Nicole England

    1. Thank you! The lamp is from Restart Milano (bought at Kollekted by in Oslo), and the shelve is from String.

      November 24, 2018, 1:53 pm
      By: ninahso I Link



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