A little work space under the stairs

When Gustav grew out of his bedside crib and into his big(ger baby) boy bed, there was no more room for a work desk in the bedroom. The solution was to move it to the hallway underneath the stairs. With the black counter top and dark drawers, it almost blend in with the dark walls. Only the Harbour chair from Menu adds a nice pop of color to an otherwise  monochrome surrounding.

Usually Jørgen has his gaming PC on this desk, and even though it looks pretty decent (for a gaming PC, I mean, sorry <3), we put it away for the photoshoot with Made by Veda and OsloDeco a couple of weeks ago. Of course I used the opportunity to snap some photos myself.

The Harbour chair from Menu is a left over from the photoshoot. Maria borrowed it from Houz to use as styling for the shoot. We thought it looked so good with a little color in our dark hallway, we decided to keep it.

We’re really happy with the new desk solution, but since it’s on the ground floor, it’s a bit cold (even in this heat we’re having in Oslo). So we’re considering adding some heating in the floor, and then replace the painted wood floor and the tiles by the entrance, with a concrete-looking material. If so, we’ll also change the floor in the bedroom so there won’t be tree (or four counting the bathroom) different types of floor in a relatively small apartment. We’ll add heating to the bedroom, and lay the same oak floor we have in the kitchen and living room. We have some left over, so it would be nice to put it in use. We’ll see when we find the time to do it. In the mean time we’ll manage with thick wool socks.

Note to self: When you hire someone to replace the sockets, make sure you give a clear description on how to place them so you won’t have all mounted vertically except the last two.


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