(A hint of) Christmas in the living room

Every Christmas I make a promise to step up my decoration game the following year. But it never happens. Every new item I add clutters my head, so this year — like previous years — I’ve kept the Christmas decorations to a minimum. Only a handful of ornaments, some twigs, and some Christmas incense were just about what I could do. But the Christmas spirit is still as present as can be, and now I look forward to a long, relaxing holiday with my family.

Admittedly I feel a slight sense of envy when I see pictures of beautiful Christmas homes decorated with stars, ribbons, and lights. I’m able to store all of my Christmas decoration in a shoe box. But we’re happy with a minimal amount of decoration — for now.

When visiting my family I have the complete opposite feeling about decoration; the more the better! I love every single red Santa figure, tablecloth, stars, and other items. The large collection tells a story of many Christmas celebrations passed, and that’s a special form of cozy.

So maybe next year my shoe box will be full? Soon Gustav will contribute with Santas made of toilet paper rolls and angels from popsicles. I can’t imagine I won’t love it and want to display it proudly on the shelf <3.

Maybe we’ll be celebrating Christmas in a new house next year? That would’ve been something! We’re careful not to get our hopes up, though as we seem to hit every bump in the road for every part of the project. Still, fingers crossed!

But for now, the building project, work, and everyday life will be put on hold for a couple of days. Instead, we are going to enjoy the holiday (read eat), and a few relaxing days. And finally: Christmas greetings to all of you<3.