New sofa and a pop of blue in our living room

November last year I visited the (then) new store of the Danish interior brand Alton & Heim to check out their designs. There was an ongoing contest on Instagram to win your favorite item, and I couldn’t resist participating even though our living room is all stacked up. And what do you know! Snap, hash and tag, and I had won myself a brand new sofa.

He (“it” I mean) arrived last week — a blond and stylish Dane — all unwrapped and everything. Moor was his name, and he was dressed in a bright Happy fabric of AshGray, and smoked legs. Suddenly I found myself with two sofas fighting to be The One. I have already put the dark Madison up for sale, but I’m struggling to let it go. I worry the blond Moor will be alienated in the dark surroundings of our living room, or feel unease when Ipa place her paws on him. What do you guys think?

Of course, it was a calculated risk to chose such a bright fabric. The idea was to bring Moor with us to the house, and that will have a much lighter color scheme than in the stable. Perfect for blond Danes! The only question is; will he find his place here while we wait for the house to get finished?

That being said, I find it refreshing with something new, and I really like adding some brighter items. Also, he seems to play nicely with the Bollo-chair, and the dark wood of the legs really helps ease the contrast between the dark walls and the bright fabric.

Otherwise, I mentioned that our stable have become quite the victim of the “greige” interior trend, so I felt the need to add a few pops of color to the mix. The bright blue vase bought at Kollekted by, and The cut-outs book by Henry Matisse bought at Houz did the trick.


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