Happy Mother’s Day!

We are celebrating mothers day comfortably low-key with a few hours extra sleep for mommy, and present and breakfast in bed provided by the three little monkies. I wish it was a little bit of Mother’s day every day!

I feel like sharing a few words on motherhood on days like this, but I won’t. Or, maybe? Ok. Just a few words. ‘Cause my god, the little ones sure know how to turn our lives upside down, but my god are the cute while doing so! I almost feel like I’m discovering a new side of Gustav each day, and it’s so much fun to see him growing into this amazing little person. Now he talks non stop (which he kind of have been since he was born), and now we’re able to make more and more sense of what he’s saying. How cool is that?

I’m so happy Gustav turned out to be in fact Gustav, because he must be the best darn thing ever. And that is a strange thing to say about someone who bend like a banana when he dosn’t get his way, insist on sleeping diagonally in our 140 cm wide bed, and ends every meal my using his half full (or empty, depending on how you see it) as a hat. You’re the best, Gustav!

Happy Mother’s Day to you too, mommy. She’s actually at the hospital today preparing for a planned surgery she’s having tomorrow, so we’re sending some extra lover your way. We hope everything goes well, and I look forwards to competing in push-up this summer. Love you <3.

And to all my fellow mothers out there; high-fives all around. You rock!


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