More storage, please!

As Gustav is growing, so is his wardrobe and collection of toys (or cars to be specific). And with an interior-loving mother who’s constantly filling the apartment with new items, we found ourselves in a desperate need of storage space — that in spite of having three storage room. Our life was a constant state of “please be careful when opening the overhead bins as their contents may have shifted during the flight”. Something needed to be done, and finally, I had the opportunity to get my hands on the beautiful rattan cabinet from Ikea’s Stockholm collection from 2017. After all, it has been on my wishlist for a long time.

The Bestå unit that previously filled the space moved down to the bedroom to provide a place for Gustav’s clothes and my craft supplies.

We used the opportunity to clean up every closet and drawer and actually ended up with a few empty shelves. Superhuman!

Two of the shelves in the Stockholm cabinet became storage for Gustav’s toys, and one of them is the garage for his cars. Every time he comes home or gets up from a nap, he runs to the cabinet. I think he feels like it’s Christmas and his birthday combined every time he opens it to find his beloved cars all lined up. I feel the same when opening the next cabinet which is filled with my collection of ceramic goods. Ok, Stockholm, you get to stay <3.

By the way, our dining area is slightly too beige for my taste, even with the dark walls and kitchen. Good thing I have a bright blue poster on its way from ByCDesign Studio.


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