DIY whale-shaped baby mobile

No no, this is not my way of revealing that Gustav is about to become a big brother. But my little sister Åsne on the other hand has a little one on the way (yay!), and I really felt like making a little gift to welcome the ned niese/nephew. She’s not due until August, but I’ve brewing on this idea for a mobile, and now was the time to attach it to paper — literally.

I had to make a whole bunch of prototypes to get the right shape and method. The result was this two-colored whale made up of three pieces of paper wedged together. Pretty neat, if I may say so myself. And also, it’s so much fun to do something as tangible as cutting and folding paper!

Actually I feel like making one for Gustav as well — all though he’s more busy manipulating his father to play every song he knows on the ukulele than to look at floating origami at bedtime. Gustav contribute to the show with several versions of «Baa baa black sheep».

If you should feel like making making this baby mobile, pop by the blog in a week or so, and I’ll have the template and tutorial all ready.

If you are more into bears than sea mammals, take a look at this bear-shaped baby mobile  I made for Gustav when he was still a tiny baby. It is still hanging over his bed as a  good testimony that paper is a great material for making mobiles as long as they float in a “look. but not touch-level”.

I still have a couple of more mobiles I’d like to make, so dear friends and family; get busy and make babies so I can play with paper again!


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