Finalist in Kitchen of the year at Gullfjaeren Influencers Awards

So, I’m just about ready to get my feet back on the ground after a week of being high on myself since Saturday last week. That was the day Gullfjaeren Influencers Awards was held — a celebration of Norwegian interior profiles on Instagram. I was nominated as one of four in the category Kitchen of the year. I’m not going to keep you waiting; I didn’t win, but my god was it fun, both the nomination in itself, to be selected as a finalist, and especially to get to know many of the lovely people behind the profiles. Aaand it’s pretty darn cool that our reasonable budget friendly, spray painted kitchen is voted 2nd, 3rd or 4th most beautiful kitchen in Norway (on Instagram that is).

I’ve known about the nomination since January, but I don’t think I’ve fully realized how honored I was until I found myself standing on the stage with the other three nominees. I had no expectations of winning, but when they called out my name as one of the nominees, my heart was pounding like crazy. I mean, what if…? Luckily I had practiced my gracious loser face in advance, with help from Pernille (@spire.interiør) , Toril (@nyhuset), and Maiken (@_.maiken._), so at least I had that under control while I was shaking on the stage. In the end, it was Ann Ingrid’s (@ann_ingrid) beautiful kitchen that pulled the longest straw. Congratulations!

For those of you not familiar with Gullfjaeren, it’s an interior event brought to life by Franciska Munck-Johansen and Marianne Haga Kinder — both well experienced with interior through blog and Instagram. Being a skeptic I was slightly worried it would be a day of collective sucking up to sponsors, but boy was I wrong. Of course, you need sponsors (and a fine bouquet of such) to be able to put together these kinds of events, but Gullfjaeren was first and foremost a great day of inspiration, good food, inspiring speakers, lovely people, and great entertainment. The skeptic was officially convinced, and I even think I was jumping up and down in excitement at some point. I already look forward to next years event!


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