The magic of paint: Our hallway before and after

//Ad – paint sponsored by Jotun//

There’s no secret that I have a thing for dark hues in the interior, and that also goes for our temporary apartment. In spite of all common sense, I thought our long, narrow hallway would be a great place to add a little darkness. So I contacted Jotun and asked if I could try out one of the beautiful colors of their 2020 collection, and chose the warm and soothing plum color 20142 Daydream. It’s so pretty I tend to give the wall a friendy stroke when I walk through the hallway. Thank you, Jotun <3

The walls are painted with Pure Color, while the doors and skirting is in Supreme Finish . There’s also a coat of primer on the doors to make the paint last longer, especially with a two-year-old running around the hallway with his chart.

And there, now we’ve transformed the entire apartment though paint, and I’m completely blown by how much s few coats of paint can lift a room. ‘Cause it’s ok to say that I think it looks really nice here now, right? And as an added bonus, I get to maintain my painting. After all, we have an entire house to paint when the spring comes (*fingers crossed*).

Note to self
When choosing a paint roller, make sure you pick the right one for your surface. I made the error buying a roller that was meant for smooth surfaces, while our walls have some texture. Oh well, lesson learned, and the walls still end up absolutely stunning.

Slik så gangen ut før

og slik ble den med Jotun Daydream på vegger, lister og dører