Building a house: Update for the new year and more renders

Posted in Home and interior – January 2nd 2020

Hello 2020, aka. the year will be moving into our house *fingers crossed. The timetable for the build keeps changing, so it’s slightly risky to make such a claim, but maybe if we say it out loud, it’ll actually happen? Fingers crossed! Regardless, there’s been a whole lot of activity on the site lately. Actually it’s wrong to call it a site at this point because now two-thirds of the house is built, and that’s two-thirds more than just a few months ago. We even have the interior walls and a few of the windows in place. Yay!

One day our house will look like this.

And this is how it looks like today

Challenge after challenge
It is so much fun to see how the building progress,  we really look forward to being done with this process. Cause it’s no secret that we’ve had our fair share of challenges along the way, and we’re pretty tired, to be honest. I’m not going to bore you with the details now, but here are some headlines:

– The bank downgraded the limit for our loan right before we started
– It took a year to get an entrepreneur for the project.
– A previous neighbor refused to let us use the driveway to our house
– Driveway, water, and pipes weren’t as available as claimed in the sales prospect.
– The site condition was really poor and we needed to blast much more than intended.
– The first concrete contractor added a million NOK to the price estimate for the job a week before they were scheduled to start.
– The second concrete contractor was a complete failure, and have spent the entire price offer halfway through the job, and tried to hide a really poor quality of work.
– On the first day on-site, the project leader got hurt. Luckily it wasn’t very serious.
– The house was placed wrong in the terrain by the terrible concrete entrepreneur, leaving us with a slightly smaller house. Thanks to Christoff (project manager and entrepreneur and Vbygg (the latest and greatest concrete contractor), we manage to save most of it.
– There was a mess up with the concrete when it was delivered, so fingers crossed that that won’t mess up our exposed concrete flooring.
– The bank downgraded the limit for our loan again.
– Etc.


There will be a house
Buuuuut except for a slightly more challenging budget, it looks like the process is moving along nicely at this point *knock wood*, and it’s really fun to visit the site, no, the HOUSE, to see progress is being made daily.

In just a few weeks all of our  Termowood-modules that make up the exterior walls is in place, our interior walls are installed, one of the two roofs is mounted, and some of the windows are already in.

Next week the formwork for the last concrete wall will be removed, and then it’s time to build the last floor.

Do you think our library will look this good if I’m the one building it?

Can’t wait to (see Jørgen) cook on this kitchen!

The mother of DIY!
In other words, it’s not long until we’re ready to start with the interior. I can’t wait! We have to do much of the work ourselves, though, because all the challenges along the way have made a big dent in our budget. So we have to roll up our sleeves and learn a thing or two about carpentry. We’re talking bigtime DIY and prioritizing, but we will find a way. And if you coincidently have a million laying around, we’ll be happy to take them off you hands :-*


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