Bathroom with Ikea hack and hidden storage

Published in Home & interior Juni 11th 2021
Ad – paint sponsored by Jotun, discounted basin from Stil & Form
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Our 1st-floor bathroom is just about finished, and we are a few steps away from having another completed room.  With a modest size of 5,3 square meters, we were aiming to make the most out of the room in terms of storage and floor space. The solution was wall-hung drawer units and four inset cabinets in the wall – both from the Godmorgen series from Ikea and hacked to fit.

The drawer unit was stained in the same color as the kitchen, while the wall cabinets were painted in the same color as the wall to blend in. Oh, and the sink; we designed it to fit perfectly inside the Godmorgon frame, and is made in Corian by Stil & From. We’re so happy with it!

I’m so darn proud of making our own drawer unit. Originally we planned to use three Godmorgen units and costume-made fronts. But it turned out the bathroom was 0,5cm smaller than anticipated, so we had to a little extra hacking. That ended up being a good thing as we then had to change the side panels as well, leaving them with the same finish as the fronts. The side panels, the fronts, and the countertop are all made of oak veneered MDF and treated with Liberon hard-wax oil in the color black. The only original parts remaining were the inside of the drawers and the horizontal frame of the Ikea furniture.

The wall above the drawer unit is all covered by a large mirror. It really helps to make the room look much bigger and brighter. Both the mirror and the rippled shower wall are from Altiglass (All in glass).

On the opposite wall of the mirror, we have four insets Godmorgon cabinets hidden in the wall. To avoid visible handles, we installed push-openers. Inside the cabinet above the toilet is a small hatch so we can inspect and adjust the cisterns if needed.

A similar system is also on the wall behind the shower. Since we don’t have any visible pipes or traditional cover panels on the fixers, we had to find another way to be able to fix the plumbing in case anything happens. From the hatch, there’s a pipe going down to the laundry room to make it noticeable in the unlikely event of leakage.

All that remains now is to attach the countertop properly, install a pendant, and place the final drawer front. I so look forward to checking off this room!


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