DIY toddler bed from leftover materials

Published in Home and interior June 14th 2021
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After a year of living in an apartment with only one bedroom, moving to a house with a separate room for little G is pure joy. Sure, four people (ok, three people and one demanding dog) in a bed is cozy, but it’s also crowded as heck. To make the transition from the parent bed to his own big-boy-room better for the kiddo, we wanted to give him a new bed. After all, he had long outgrown the one he had. His room isn’t the biggest, so we wanted to make the most out of the space by extending the length of the bed to fill the width of the room. This means it needed to have unique dimensions. Sounds like a perfect setup for a cozy DIY, right?

We had some leftover materials from the staircase railing, so the design became a simple frame made of oak veneered MDF. To be able to have more guests soon (corona be gone), we made the bed to fit a grown-up. Little G can come back to our bed if his bed is occupied.

I found inspiration in the Kona bed from Ferm Living but wanted a different placement of the panels. The two panels by the head make up a safe frame, while the front panel keeps the duvet in place.  I made rounded corners on that one to prevent accidents in case (or rather when) the kiddo jumps in the bed.

There is room for a few boxes for storage underneath the bed, and since the bed is longer than the mattress, there’s a shelf for books and toys by the foot end. I drilled holes in the base to make sure the mattress got enough ventilation to prevent moisture.

Little G got to participate in the process to create enthusiasm and ownership for the new bed. Still, we were curious if he would actually sleep in it, and we’re really happy when to learn that he’s actually stayed in his bed the entire night since we moved in (*knock wood). I call that a small DIY bed miracle and note it as a success.

I’m including some drawings for the bed in case you feel inspired to make your own bed. By the way, I’ve used a twig drill to make holes in the front panel so I can add plugs to make them as invisible as possible. The other screws in the bed are placed so they don’t show.

Download drawing of the bed (coming soon)


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