Tutorial: DIY clothing rail in oak

Published in Home & interior September 7th 2021
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Our laundry room is of the narrow kind, so your traditional foldable clothing rail will end up stealing the entire space. We figured we’d have a ceiling-hung rail instead, and I had set my eyes on one in oak. Unfortunately, it was too pricy for our budget, so then we did what we usually do in this situation; we made one ourselves!

Materials and tools

3 x oak rod 20cm diameter, mine is 90cm long
— 2 x end pieces in oak, 44cm x 4cm x 2cm (width x height x thickness)
— Twig drill 20cm diameter
—  4 x metal eye hooks to connect the rope to the railing
— 2 x hooks for hanging the railing in the ceiling
— Wood glue
— Nylon rope, ca. 3mm diameter
— Scissors
— Mesuringtape
— Pencil
— Drill


1 — Cut the three rods to the desired length. Mine is 90cm.

2 — Cut the end pieces to the specified dimensions.

3 — Make a mark at the center of the end pieces. This is where the center rod will be placed. Then mark 17 cm from each side of the center mark for the other two rods. Repeat on both end pieces.

4 – Using the twig drill, make holes in the end pieces where you marked in the previous step. Drill about 2/3 into the thickness of the wood. Repeat on both pieces.

5 — Apply glue in the holes and on the end of the rod, and place the rods in the holes from the previous step. Make sure to remove any excess glue. Apply pressure and leave to dry.

6 — Drill a small hole for the eye hooks on the top of each end piece about 2cm from the edge. Screw in the eye hook.

7 — Tie about 65cm rope to one of the eye hooks, and do the same with the opposite end of the rope to the other hook. Repeat on both end pieces.

8 — Then tie about 110cm rope (depending on the length of the rods and how far from the ceiling you want to hang the rack) in the center of the rope from the previous step. Tie the opposite end of the rope to the rope on the other end piece.

9 — Attach the two metal hooks in the ceiling with the same distance to each other as the length of the rods. Hang the rack by threading the rope through the hooks, and then you’re done.