Ikea hack tutorial: DIY wardrobe fronts for little G’s room

Published in Home & interior, 2nd of October 2021
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So far, little G is the only one with a complete wardrobe in his room. The entire family shares it for storing clothing between kiddy books, and toys. The wardrobe is planned to fit in a niche between the door and the window, and goes from the flor, aaaaall the way up to the gabled ceiling. As usual, we used frames from Ikea – Pax to be exact – and made the fronts ourselves. I’ve also made a narrow shelf to fill the gap between the wardrobe and the window for the most frequently (aka. the most photogenic) toys.

Keep reading for a tutorial on how I did it, along with links to drawings tools, and materials. You can also see videos of the process on my Instagram story DIY closet doors.

Tools & materials

— Measuring tape
— Pencil
— Plunge saw and guide rail
— Electric drill
Banding trimmer
Drill jig for hinges (or a size Ø35mm and  size Ø5mm drill using the drilling template for hinges)

Pax wardrobe frames. We’ve used eight 50 x 58 x 201
— 19mm thick oak veneered MDF boards
— Edge tape with glue on the back , 520cm each front
— Sandpaper, 240-grain and 400-grain
Osmo pingmented hard wax oil
Lint-free cloths for oiling
Ikea Kompliment soft closing hinges, 3 each front
Ikea Nydala knob, black, 1 each front


First, you assemble the Ikea Pax frame as instructed in the manual, and secure the frame to the wall.

1 – Measure and mark the size of the fronts. View template for measures fitting the Pax H201cm × W50cm frame

2 – Place the guide rail on the marks, and cut using the plunge saw. Place the board with the facing side up to prevent the veneer from chipping.

3 – Lightly sand the raw edges where you will place the edge tape using the 240-grain paper. Brush off the dust.

4 – Cut the edge tape to fit the four edges of the fronts, and glue it in place using a preheated iron. Secure it by stroking a block of wood on the edge tape, and leave it to cool.

5 – Use a banding trimmer to cut the excess height of the edge tape making it the same height as the thickness of the front.

6 – Sand the corners for a smooth transition between the veneered front, and the edge tape using the 240-grain paper.

7 – Turn the front with the facing side up, and mark the measurements from the template on the longe side where the hinges will be placed.

8 — Align the drill jig to the center of the marks from the previous step, and drill holes for the hinges. If you don’t have a drill jig, you can use the template.

9 — Sand the front of the panels, and the edges to prepare it for oiling. Use gloves to prevent grease prints, and sand with the 400-grain paper.

10 – Apply a thin layer of oil using the lint-free cloths. Apply on both the front and the edges. Polish off any excess oil until there’s no more oil rubbing off on the cloth. Leave to dry for 24 hours.

11 – Attach the hinges to the fronts using the screwdriver and the screws included in the package.

12 – Turn the front with the facing side down. Make a mark for the placement of the knob. View template for measurements.

13 — From the front side of the front, drill a hole using a 4mm drill.

14 — Thread the screw included with the knob through the hole from the previous step, and secure it to the knob using a screwdriver.

15 — Attach the fronts to the Pax frame, and you got yourself a brand new, homemade wardrobe front.


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