Pattern and tutorial for the Baby Raglan Shirt

I now I’m supposed to rest up these last weeks before my due date, but making babystuff is so much more fun! There’s a baby mobile, a cuddle rag, a baby gym and another overall on my list of thinks I hope to make before he arrives u.

I’ve just finished this set of raglan shirt and harem pants for when Baby G is 1 month (I think). Like the Baby Overall, I havn’t been able to check if the size is right, so keep that in mind if you’d like to make your own version.

Feel free to download the pattern, and keep reading for the tutorial.

There is so much adorable baby wear on the marked, and I find inspiration just about everywhere. I love this natural, retro style found in some independent shops, and I really like the linen look.

The pattern for this shirt is based on a basic pattern tutorial by Cloud Factory. I’ve added the collar and button row, and changed the sleeves to raglan style. I’m eager to find out if it will fit Baby G when he’s three months old like it’s suppose to.

50–56 cm

Tools and materials
— Sewing machine
— Iron
— Pins
— Safety pin
— Scissors
— Measuring tape
— Carbon paper and tracing wheel
— 140 cm x 40 cm linen (or a non-stretch fabric of your choice)
— Matching thread
— 4 push buttons




1 – Prepare your fabric according to the fabric care instructions (meaning wash, iron and stretch the material) before you cut it.

2 – Cut the fabric according to the layout plan (download free pattern here). Transfer the markings from the pattern to the wrong side of the fabric.

3 – Serge the raw edges on the side seams and shoulder seams of the front (1) and back (2) pieces, and the side and shoulder seams of the sleeves (unless you’re using an overlock machine).

The bodice 

4 – Pin the side seams of the front (1) to the back (2) with right sides facing. Stitch and press seam allowance apart.

5 — Fold the bottom edge of the bodice 1 cm with wrong side in. Press. Then fold again 2 cm from the first fold. Press and topstitch 1,8 cm from the second fold.

6 — Fold the front (1) piece with wrong side in 1 cm at the center front. Press. Fold again 2 cm from the first fold. Press and topstitch 1,8 cm from the second folded edge.

The sleeves 

7 – Fold each sleeve (3) lengthwise with right sides in and pin side seams together. Stitch and press seam allowance apart.

8 – Fold bottom edge of each sleeve in 1 cm with wrong side in. Press. Then fold again 1 cm from the first fold. Press. and stitch 0,8 cm from the edge of the second fold. Leave about 2 cm open to insert the elastics. Insert the elastics using a safety pin to pull it trough. Then close the remaining 2 cm of the seam.

9 — Pin sleeves to the bodice with right side facing and matching side seams and markings.

The collar

10 — Fold one of the collar (5) pieces 1 cm from the bottom edge. Press.

11 – With right sides facing, pin the top edge of the collars (5) together and stitch. Press seam allowance apart, and then towards the unfolded collar piece. Understitch to the unfolded collar piece leaving 1,5 cm free at the side seam.

12 – Pin side seams of the collar and stitch. Turn the collar right side out making sure you get nice and straight corners. Press the shape in place.

13 – Pin the bottom edge of the unfolded collar piece to the neckline of the bodice with right sides facing, and matching markings. Press seam allowance towards the collar.

14 – Align the folded edge of the collar to the neckline seam and stitch the folded piece from the right side of the garment on top of the neckline seam. Another option is to blindstitch the folded part to the bodice.

The buttons

15 — Attach the push buttons according to the instructions for the buttons.



  1. I will sew this for my little nice. She is nearly two months. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely pattern. ? Greets from Germany. Hera

    November 26, 2017, 8:39 am
    By: Hera I Link

    1. Hi Hera. Glad you liked it. I hope it will fit your little niece. I tried it on my little on when he was three months, and it was too small. It might be a good idea to make it slightly bigger :-). Would love to see how it turns out!

      November 26, 2017, 9:23 am
      By: ninahso I Link



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